Talk and jam

To find the texts of the talks by Romain Bigé and Nicole Harbonnier, please click the links on the right ->

Monday 13th at 5pm at « Carreau du Temple » (Gymnase de la Forêt Noire) [Beware: this jam ends at 8pm for the participants to go and meet in a café.]

IMG_0456_AveuglantesBoris Nordman : As an artist and a researcher, Boris Nordmann’s work goes back and forth between science and art.
He is the artistic and scientific coordinator of the Old School, a school for inter-species relationships, an accidental teacher of human echolocation, a biologist by training, and a 2004 graduate of the Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporain. He has been conducting research on cetacean societies within the Social Sciences department at the Centre Norbert Elias (UMR 8562, CNRS-EHESS).
As an artist, he has developed projects alongside biologist entrepreneurs (Inasmet); researchers in the fields of psychology of seeing/eyesight psychology researchers (Laboratoire de la Vision Montréal), image analysis (LIRMM, Montpellier), the semantic processing of language, (Institut des Sciences Cognitives à Lyon), marine bioacoustics (pretty much everywhere), and animal biology (MNHN, Paris); a stage director (Mirabelle Rousseau); an acoustician (Kerwin Rolland); developer/programmer-artists (Alexis Chazard, Gaël Cobert); a poet (Dorothée Volut); sailors; an archeologist architect (Yves Ubelmann); and a 3D cinematographer (Alain Derobe).
To circumvent the various efforts of making material work, he engages in a type of “prescription sculpture”: first by creating a non-localized audio-guide (Spoken Vision), which gives the listener instructions in seeing; then, by developing Body Fictions, which are literally methods for feeling other: feeling spider-like, feeling Marseilles-like, feeling sperm whale-like…
Upon becoming a father, his interest for the potential relationships with marine mammals has intensified: How can humans put themselves in a position to learn from dolphins, belugas, sperm whales and other odontocetes? To this end, he has been pursuing a number of trainings: human echolocation, with blind teachers (Daniel Kish and Tom de Witte), vocal technique (with the performance artist Natacha Musléra), free diving, kayaking, Contact Improvisation and Spontaneous Composition (workshops with Mathilde Monfreux and Robin Decourcy), Vipassana meditation, and Intuitive Communication®.
In the Caribbean, he encountered an insane con-artist sailor. Upon returning home, safe and sound, he has taken his research into the academic field of social sciences in order to apply the tools of human anthropology to cetacean societies.
Eating, the parties’ debate. Proposal for the jam-conference on Monday July 13th.
Come hungry, with napkins, food, and clean hands.

Tuesday 14th at 5pm at Micadanses (studio May B) [Beware this jam only lasts 1hr and 1/2 ; after that, at 7 pm we’ll go and explore the city eyes-closed]

idRomain Bigé Initially a philosophy scholar (agrégé of philosophy and ENS alumnus), I stumbled upon CI a few years ago as I came in the US to teach French. Back to France, I resumed teaching philosophy, but with a growing intertwining with the movement practice, I decided that I should try and elucidate with my favorite philosophical tools (phenomenology, philosohy and anthropology of techniques, philosophy of perception…) what it is we actually do in CI. So there was my PhD research launched, with this yummy title Movement’s sharing — Poetics of CI: and it’s been a continuous joy to be able to explorethose two activities at the same time, with the same conviction that they contain endless directions of research and pleasures.

This encounter, which I co-organize, is a nice ending point for this semester, as I will have just spent three months in the US visiting the masters and initiators of the form in their home land, bringing back from my trip some hopefully juicy interrogations on the practice.

After the jam I will introduce us to a blind promenade in the city.

Wednesday 15th at 5:30 pm in the « Gymnase Japy »

Lemmer SchwarzweißJoerg Lemmer Schmidt : Dr. Phil. Jörg Lemmer Schmid wrote his PhD in the field of psychomotricity – a science investigating the “Body – Mind Interaction”.  As a dancer and cognitive psychotherapist his thesis focused on the question: how Contact-Improvisation influences “psychological heath” and “quality of life”. In his research he is interested in altered states of mind like the “Flow-Experience” and “Mindfulness”. (see article on CI, Mindfulness and Flow).

Thursday 16th at 5:30pm in the « Gymnase Japy »

photo NB DinaDina Roberts is a M.D. and hypnotherapist. She works in psychiatry and teaches Hypnosis at the AFEHM (French Association for the Study of Medical Hypnosis). Before going to medical school, she started studying Applied Arts at l’Ecole Estienne. She changed career but kept a relation with the artistic field. Her actual research on hypnosis crosses her medical practice of hypnotherapy, and the work she has been doing with artists the last 4 years.

She views hypnosis as a specific technique to enter the state where you’re the most available. But she considers that this state isn’t specific to hypnosis and that it’s especially used and looked for by artists. This is how she started a research with them, trying to cross different points of view and experiences of that state. She offers to artists the possibility to try the hypnotic experience and she has been initiated to some of their practices that she views as other doors to enter that state (Vipassana, CI).

Friday 17th at 5:30pm in the « Gymnase Japy »

Harbonnier_Nicole_03Nicole Harbonnier has been, since 2004, Professor in “movement studies” at the Dance Department of the University of Quebec in Montreal ( After her Master’s degree which focused on the dancer’s stretching training (Paris 8, 2000), she got a doctorate degree in Science education (2009, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris). Her thesis was concerned with dance teaching from the Activity Analysis perspective (Barbier, Certified in Dance Movement Functional Analysis (AFCMD, from the Centre National de la Danse (1997, Paris,), she was a dance performer, a dance teacher and a dance teacher’s instructor in several institutions in France. She is now teaching in the fields of movement analysis and somatic education. Her current research aims to link together the expressive and functional dimensions of movement while using a psycho-phenomenological methodology (Vermersch,


& le Sunday 19th 9am – 6pm : jam-jam-jam in the « Gymnase Japy »


10€/ talk and jam (from Monday to Friday)

15€/ Sunday jam

60€/ all the talks and jams+ Sunday jam

Way-in way-out

Gymnase Japy

2 Rue Japy, 75011 Paris

>The closest subway station is Charonne (M9).

Micadanses (4 studios, 3 different entrances !)

– Studios May B: 15 rue Geoffroy L’Asnier 75004 Paris / Code (street) : 1B52

Enter in the yard, take the left door, go down the stairs till the second basement. In front of you is the studio « May B ».

Carreau du temple (gymnase de la Forêt noire)

4 rue Eugène Spuller 75003 Paris

Go downstairs and follow the signs « gymnase de la Forêt Noire »

>The closest subway station is Temple (M3)


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