… and the specifics


Every day (except on Wednesday) from 10am to noon : the intensives.
A duet of teacher for 26 students.
The day will begin with a proposition by a duet of teachers (advanced dancers curious to renew their teaching). Each participant will take the same intensive with a group of co-students. The objective is to give the opportunity to the teachers and students to question their routine in the vertical transmission of knowledge, through the confrontation of different methodologies. The teachers will not know each other before the encounter, but will work out ways to function as a duet (either interweaving their practices, or doing a solo one after another). For the “learners”, this confrontation will interrogate the pedagogical meaning of the exercices, and foster a transmission that is not a way to “deliver a content”, and is rather an interrogation of the available movement patterns and knowledges. The question is not only about what we do in CI, it is also about how we transmit it in the asymetrical context of a class.

Every day (except on Wednesday) from noon to 2 pm : open studios
Digesting in your own rhythm.
After the morning intensives, the studios will remain opened, but no more content or structure will be proposed. The spaces are left blank for each and everyone to digest what is new and what is meaningful for him/her, in his/her own rhythms and ways: in solo, duets, groups, with people from the same class or not; reviewing an exercice, jamming, writing, talking, watching videos, sleeping… The only thing you will have to do will be to eat during these two hours before the afternoon labs start. A library-video archive will also be available for you to browse texts and films connected to dance, movement and CI.

Every day from 2 pm to 5 pm : labs (shared practices and out-of-the-studio).
Sensorial disorientation and environment changes for a collaborative exploration of CI potentials. Groups of 15.
The labs will be the place for horizontal sharing and co-constructing of the pratice. They will take two forms: shared pratices, in which the dancers will be given structures to explore and exchange around their practice of CI ; and out of the studio explorations. The studio for the first one, the swimming pool, children playground, street, train station, parks, vertical dancing, will offer possibilities for the group to explore and invent the potentials and visibility of CI.

Everyday multiple time (see HERE): the talks.
A scientist shares his/her knowledge.
A theoretician, coming from the fields of biology, psychology or social sciences will propose a short lecture on a subject connected to the practices of CI (hypnosis, perception of movement, ecology, dance history…).

Every day multiple time (see HERE) : guided explorations.
Physical exploration of the knowledge shared by the scientist as a jam opener.

After the talk, the scientist is invited to pair with one of advanced contacters so as to propose a moving exploration of what was at stake during the lecture. The jam will seemlessly ensue…

Every day multiple time (see HERE) : jams.
Forget everything and put everything upside down on the floor of the gym, sometimes within some focuses (classical jam, silent jam, blind and/or deaf jam…).
Jamming is the most common place for practicing CI: it gives everyone the opportunity to sharpen his/her perception of space and knowledege of self through the sharing of constantly changing environment with unknown partners. A good way to reinforce this experience is to introduce elements that limit or enhance perception: silence, music of a certain kind, blinders…


Wednesday morning (till 2 pm) : free time and space.
To give oneself some time.
Because there are so many people to discover during a festival, because there are so many things to see in Paris, because we are not only dance machines, the Wednesday morning will be empty, so as to remember why we like it when it is full. Improvised jamming in the city, chit-chating in a café, visiting a museum, sleeping in… your choice!

Saturday 10 am to 1 pm : harvesting.
Loop the loop (spiral the spiral).
A little more than five days and the very near perspective of separating, it is the right time to let what has been transformed during the week emerge, to assess and recognize what we leave with. It is not only a moment of harvesting what has ripen, it is also an opportunity to build together new meanings for the shared experiences we’ve been through, especially in the labs.
And since we only have what we can give, each lab group will have time to invent its own way to share its trajectory with the others.

Saturday afternoon : sharing in the city.
You come, and we show you what we shared.
Each Lab group will have his own way of sharing what it has been through with the rest of the participants, but also with the passer-by and other city-dwellers, since the sharing will take place in the city, so as not to cloister CI in the studios.
Proposals for guided sensory explorations, text reading, scored improvisation, video projection, group performance, drawing exhibitions, everything is to be imagined.

Saturday night : fever.
Celebrating the week in many forms.
Depending on the desires of each and everyone, the madness or serinity of the moment, the evening will have to be invented to celebrate the final point of the encounter.


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