Practical guide / Festival RiCI

Space/time schedule

timetable RICI 2015 - english détails


Talk + jam.

On Monday 13th, @ 5 pm in the Carreau du Temple’s Gymnase de la Forêt Noire, Boris Nordman will propose a food exploration : Eat, debate of parts. It is necessary, for this exploration, that you bring three different sort of food to accompany Boris’s bio-imaginary description.

On Tuesday 14th @ 5 pm in Micadanses’ studio Noces, Romain Bigé will propose a philosophy talk about contact improvisation, soloing, hands, feet and all the rest. After that, he will introduce us to a   blind promenade in the city.

On Wednesday 15th @ 5:30pm in Gymnase Japy, Joerg Lemmer Schmidt will talk about psychomotricity and contact improvisation on Flow and mindfulness. Catherine Kych will transition us to jamming.

On Thursday 16th @ 5:30pm in Gymnase Japy, Dina Roberts will talk about hypnosis and the practice of medicine. Catherine Contour will transition us into the jam.

On Friday 17th @ 5:30pm in Gymnase Japy, Nicole Harbonnier will propose an activity analysis (ethno-sociographic) of the festival. And Anne Catherine Nicoladzé will introduce us to the jam.


Labbing suggestions

We have articulated the labs around the idea of disorienting. Our desire with this is to implement ways of playing with our (vestibular, proprioceptive) sense of balance through other perceptive canals than touch and weight. For this, we designed a series of five strategies :

  • harnessed dancing in the airs (studio Noces) ;
  • movement explorations in smells (hay, resin, sea, humus / studio Biped) ;
  • use videodance to watch and think one’s dance from the inside out and the outside in (with our two videomakers Stefano Forlini and Victoria Donnet / Gymnase de la Forêt Noire A) ;
  • dancing in the urban spaces (Paris) ;
  • danser in a studio, as simple as that, and that’s already a lot (Gymnase de la Forêt Noire B).

Working together is already a lot of work… Here are some tracks and supports to help you through it :

  • Don’t forget to fill in your groups statements of interest (see email): it helps to plan the seed ahead – and to forget it.
  • At least the first days, we recommend that you use the simplest structure :
    (1) Dance, with no prior verbal exchange. (2) Verbal sharing. (3) Dance again.
    Put in other terms, don’t try to predefine what you are looking for this very day: start from the shared experience to define axes of work. Have faith in the fact that formulating, elucidating  is already a form of experience (and not only a way of remembering the exprience).
  • From day 3 on, we encourage you to modify this basic structure.
    For example,
    I. Divide the group between dancers and witnesses ; (1) dancers dance, witnesses watch ; (2) then witnesses formulate the qualities they would like to have for their own dances in what they observed ; (3) the witnesses dance with those qualities, and the dancers watch their qualities being danced.
    II. [Score from CIGR Earthdance 2015] Enter the space in silence. Create an empty space. Dance. It is necessary that, at any time, there is at least one observer. At any time, any one came switch from dancer to observer and conversely.
    Etc. Other examples will be handed out upon arrival.
  • On saturday morning, you will have time to digest your week and to think ahead some elements that you’d like to share with the other participants. This sharing could take the shape of a performance, a guided exploration of the other participants, or integrate discretly in a jam, after which you can verbally explicate the nature of the exploration. Be inventive.

Speaking molecules

At the end of your first intensive, the teachers will invite you to constitute three to four-atom molecules: these partners will become the witnesses and listeners of your trajectory in the festival.  What kind of effects are the classes having on you ? Do you feel lost ? At home ? What kind of desires go through and out of you ? What do you wish was different ? What do you wish was kept equal ? The first speaking molecules meeting will take place on Monday @ 8pm after the small jam in the Carreau du Temple. After that, you will be free to go wherever you want!


Bring your instruments for jams and labs, there will be time/spaces for you to mingle your sound energies in our common improvisations.


For those of you who chose to get the food served by us, the organic plates for lunch and diner will be served @ noon in Micadanses. If you can take an isothermal bag to carry your meals, that’d be super cool. Also, if you can take your own silverware, that will avoid us wasting plastic non reusable dishes.

Take a flask or a thermos bottle to have with you all day.


CI is mainly practiced in « pyjamas » (« casual » comfy clothing to roll on the floor or onto each other / you may want to avoid having metal buttons on your pants for instance).

At least twice, we’re going to explore some dancing in the city : we recomend that you take suitable clothing to do that (especially having comfy sneakers, and maybe some sort of windbraker – you never know with Parisian weather…)

It will, though, probably be quite hot, so we recommend that you take at least two t-shirts per day. There will be locker rooms with showers @ Japy Gymnasium and Micadanses : you’re most welcome to use them, but you will need to bring your own towel and soap.

Jam guidelines

Check out our proposed Jam guidelines here.


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