Every day from 2pm to 5pm: laboratories and shared practices.

Sensorial disorientation and environmental changes in order to explore together, in groups of 15, the different potentials of CI.

These laboratories will enable us to explore different means of spatial orientation and disorientation within the space of the studio or the city. We propose video workshops, olfactive immersions, aerial dancing with hiking harnesses, and anything else that may cross your mind…

Here are our accomplices and what they would like to explore with us:

  • Contact improv video [Victoria Donnet and Stefano Forlini]

Offering for those who wish the possibility to be filmed, to interact and/or to co-create « Contact Improv videos »: testimonies, dance videos, portraits, experimental works, working tools, subjectivity games …

In their own words:

« Enthused by the possibilities that a camera gives in its interaction with bodies in movement, our approach will be that of two dancers and videographers.

We would like to live an experience as close to the participants as possible by practicing CI with them – in order to build a relationship of trust – and by being attentive to those who would be willing to take part in an audiovisual co-creation.

We will be present with our cameras during open studios and laboratories.

The camera will then be a protean object which will adapt itself to the dynamics, desires and needs of the moment, with an attitude of respect and consideration.

And who they are:

IMG_8919Victoria Donnet: A young artist with a hybrid approach at the intersections of dance, cinema and performance, I am searching for a fluid means of expression which would engage time, matter and energy in a common dance. Dancing the world and its images. Filming dance. Dancing with the camera. Choreographing the montage. And finally finding a dynamic of the flux between these different means of expression which, once assembled together, offer new possibilities.

Stefano Forlini: Videographer and director of photography, I use the moving DSC_2838_Copyimage to tell stories, to share, create and make pathways to other potentials. The body in movement, the body in expression offers a field of study which I am passionate about, as a dancer but also as a videographer.


  • The suspension laboratory [Pierre Daugy]

portrait pierresGiving to the participants the possibility to explore a different floor, to find different supports, to lose their ordinary spatial markers in order to discover everything again, by the means of an aerial dance suspended from the ceiling with hiking harnesses.

In his own words:

« Like many others, as a child I climbed trees. In 1999 I discovered a climbing certification which enabled me to guide young climbers from the end of the branches to the treetops. My university years in landscaping and fine arts have merged very well with this activity which I practice especially during summer.

Towards 2010, I discovered CI. Perched in the trees, the physical approach and the attentiveness developed in CI have naturally weaved themselves with the research on openings which suspension offers.

During the suspension laboratories, I will show you some knotting techniques which will enable us to continue the exploration with aerial dancing. »

  • The olfactory laboratory [Paméla Roberts]

Giving the participants the possibility to reconsider the hierarchy of the senses by giving a priority to that of the smell.

In her own words:

« The idea is to invite the sense of smell into the dance. Smelling is feeling, reminiscing, sharing, imagining, meandering, and traveling…being moved. In that matter it is our most powerful sense. Smells first create emotion, then the souvenir, and only after that the language. Do they create movement? How do they contribute? How do they permeate the dance? These are the key questions we will ask ourselves in the laboratory which will propose four smells which will transport the dancers to very different landscapes, evoking particular seasons, atmospheres, emotions and souvenirs, and doubtless to different supports on the floor: in the haystacks, in the underbrush after a rainfall, near the ocean and under the stone pines. »

Who she is:

« My job is one of expressing and developing with perfume makers a certain idea unnamedof the perfume, which addresses the imagination and provokes emotions by scents for oneself and scents for the environment. It is about exploring the many aspects of the world of smells, this invisible world which colors, sometimes unbeknownst to us, our perceptions and our souvenirs.

Since 2009, a workshop in perfume making for teenagers at the Ambroise Paré Hospital (one of the 14 olfactory workshops created by the CEW in France) enables me to directly experience the therapeutic powers of scent. »

Technical details:

Please do not perfume yourself on the day of this workshop.

Choose dark clothing as the two first smells are naturally colored.

Please bring a second change of clothes (in order to start from zero at the second period)

The proposed scents are to be vaporized on the dancer’s clothing (preferably outside the studio, in order to avoid saturating the space with the smells).

It is easier to explore a scent from another person without being perfumed yourself. It would perhaps be preferable to create two groups: those who are scented and those who are smelling.


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