Jam Guidelines



There is no wrong way of playing with contact improvisation.

Contact improvisation is an infinite game (the aim of the game is to continue playing)

Like every game, it can be serious, it can be mad.

There is no losing or winning in this game.

At any time, you can withdraw from the game:

take a rest, take some fresh air, witness other dances…

If you sense that your (physical, psychological, intimate) boundaries

are being overstepped, every solution is the right one:

leave the duet, tell your partner, share with other people…

If you feel the need to talk while dancing, ask yourself:

is talking part of my dance?

if not, does it need to happen in the dance space?

(could it happen outside?)

If you want to take images (video, photo)

do it with sensitivity

and ask the authorization to the people involved if you wish to publish them.

If you want to make music, do it with the desire to fuel the dance:

our jams are associated with talks and danced introductions

be aware of what you add, and wait before bringing new energies into the space.


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