About the RiCI / July 12th-19th 2015


In this first International CI Encounter in Paris (RiCI Paris 2015), we hosted eighty participants: contemporary dancers (professional or amateur) with or without an experience of CI, who will be guided by six confirmed teachers of CI or affiliated practices (Alexander technique, Gaga, hypnose) and five scientists in the fields of social or biological sciences.

The encounter took place from July 12th to 19th, 2015, right after two big CI events in France: ECITE (European Contact Improvisation Teacher Exchange, which will be held this year in Orléans, France) and the festival 1001 (Grenoble, France). This will give an opportunity for those participating in those events to set things on the table again, et to continue the dialogue between researchers and CI teachers, including in the labs between participants.

A longer report : check out our article in the Contact Quaterly’s CI Newsletter!

(More videos here.)

We are lucky and happy to be hosted by Micadanses, a center for choreographic developement in the heart of Paris and by Le carreau du temple, for the work during the days (intensives and labs in studio), and we will move out to one of the most beautiful Paris gyms for the night jams (gymnase Japy)


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